The Electronic Cigarette Takes The Stage

The electronic cigarette, or e cigarette has emerged as a number one hot product as people are happily embracing its refreshing stance in the marketplace. While it began as more of a fad, then became known as a means of getting away from tobacco cigarettes, it has now become a fashion statement in such a way to have become a dominant focal point.

The electronic cigarette, new technology can replace the regular cigarettes
The electronic cigarette, new technology can replace the regular cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is usually a round cylinder that is open on one end and within the cylinder, or tube is a container filled with a glycol liquid that is atomized into a vapor. That vapor looks like, and acts like smoke from a cigarette, and is inhaled and exhaled by the user.

The vapor from the e cigarette is basically harmless, and the action of ‘smoking’ simulates that of a real cigarette. One unique feature of these devices is the variety of flavors that can be melded into the device which actually makes the experience interesting and fun.

The flavors run the gamut from fruity flavors such as lemon, lime, apple, cherry, pineapple to more traditional ones such as chocolate, mint, menthol and peppermint. There is even a tobacco taste, and nicotine can also be added in varying strengths.

Early in the career of the e cigarette, and even today, the ability to vary the nicotine strength led to people using the device to wean themselves off of tobacco. Just as one would use nicotine gum or patches, the smoker started with a nicotine level similar to that which was used in the tobacco cigarette, and then it was tapered down to nothing on a gradual basis. This procedure has seemed to work well for many people.

Smoking tobacco has long had its peculiar methods and steps. The drama that goes along with smoking is interesting to watch and is very psychologically satisfying. Special lighters and cigarette cases, smoking at certain times, social identification, and other set habits that accompany the act of smoking were just as important as the addiction.

E smoking, or vaping as it coming to be called, is developing its built in habits as well, as there is a whole subculture occurring which is very interesting as well. When a product begins to develop its on “in-talk” then that is a sign that things are happening. Now you are seeing devices that don’t look like cigarettes at all, but they are coming in all kinds of shapes and colors, to add even more sex appeal to the whole process.

People can become just as physically addicted to e cigarettes as they do with tobacco cigarettes if they choose to keep the nicotine levels high. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on planet Earth, and is can be somewhat detrimental to one’s health, there is no doubt about that.

On the other hand, it is a proven fact that tobacco smoke is a killer. It definitely is the main cause of lung cancer in the USA with its chemicals and tars. There are over 200 carcinogenic chemicals in the smoke alone, and the tar that coats the lungs is also cancer causing.

The vapor that comes from the e cig is harmless as far as anyone knows, and is more like breathing moist air on a spring morning. While there is an effort by many government agencies to regulate e cigarettes because they “don’t know what is in them” reasoning, that will not slow down sales, because the demand is on a straight-to-the-top curve and it is not stopping.

It is the public that decides the outcome of a product like this and from all indications, the public likes what it sees and is ready for more.